Inconel 625 powder

We will introduce Inconel 625 powder, a nickel-based superalloy that has excellent properties for additive manufacturing (AM) applications. What is Inconel 625 powder? Inconel 625 powder is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy with niobium and tantalum additions. Inconel 625 powder is produced by water or gas atomization, which results in spherical and free-flowing particles with low oxygen […]

What is Spherical Tungsten powder?

Spherical Tungsten Metal Powder is a type of metal powder that has a spherical or nearly spherical shape with high-density, high-melting point and high-conductivity properties. It is produced by plasma atomization or gas atomization of tungsten metal or its alloys. Spherical tungsten Metal powder has many advantages, such as high purity, high sphericity, high density, […]

316L Stainless Steel Powder

316L Stainless Steel Powder: A Versatile Material for Additive Manufacturing and Metal Injection Moulding In this blog, we will introduce 316L powder, a type of metal powder that has many applications in different industries. We will explain what 316L powder is, what are its main properties. Advantages of using 316L powder in AM. We will […]

New Energy Battery Materials

Titanium Boride is a new type of cathode material for new energy battery, Titanium boride is a low-oxygen and low-impurity metal compound that is commonly used in the manufacturing of new energy battery. With its low oxygen content and low metal impurities, it has good electrochemical performance, high specific capacity, good cyclability and stable discharge […]

3D Printing Powder

Metal powders are the most important basic material for 3D printing processes used to produce metal parts. 3D printing is a rapid prototyping technology , also known as additive manufacturing , that allows for the production of three dimensional objects or products without any need to create physical prototypes.This technique can be used in many […]

Aluminum Silicon Alloy Powder

Aluminum Silicon Alloy Powderis a binary alloy composed of silicon and aluminum, and is a metal-based thermal management material. High- Aluminum Silicon alloy Powder materials can maintain the excellent properties of aluminum and silicon, and the content of aluminum and silicon is quite abundant. Why add silicon to aluminum? The silicon powder preparation technology is […]

Metal Alloy Powder

Metal alloy powder is a combination of metal or metal and one or more other elements. In practical applications, the alloy composition is usually measured by mass percentage,while in basic scientific research,the alloy composition is usually measured by atomic fraction.According to the formation The arrangement of the atoms of the alloy,They are usually classified as […]

MAX Phase Material

MAX phase material is a new type of machinable ceramic material,which has received extensive attention. Because the MAX phase has similar metal-like bonding properties,it has the functions of electrical and thermal conductivity.Most MAX phase materials have better electrical and thermal conductivity.Conductivity.This is also related to the electronic structure. Application of MAX phase powders : Max […]

Zirconium Diboride Powder

Brief introduction of ZrB2 Powder: Zirconium diboride (ZrB2) is a refractory ceramic with a hexagonal crystal structure. This is an ultra-high temperature ceramic (UHTC) with a melting point of 3246°C. The material’s relatively low density (measured density may be higher due to hafnium impurities) and high-temperature strength make it a good candidate for high-temperature aerospace […]

Excellent properties of Vanadium diboride

Vanadium diboride is a metal boride with molecular formula BV, molecular weight 61.7525, and a gray cubic crystal structure. Vanadium boride (VB2) has a hexagonal crystal structure, a melting point of 2980 degrees Celsius, high oxidation temperature and high hardness. VB2 has been proved to have a Gaver hardness of 27.2±1.5 GPa, and it has […]

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