December 6, 2021

Excellent properties of Vanadium diboride

Vanadium diboride is a metal boride with molecular formula BV, molecular weight 61.7525, and a gray cubic crystal structure.

Vanadium boride (VB2) has a hexagonal crystal structure, a melting point of 2980 degrees Celsius, high oxidation temperature and high hardness.

VB2 has been proved to have a Gaver hardness of 27.2±1.5 GPa, and it has high thermal stability in air.

The transition metal boride among the transition metal borides has the highest resistivity at room temperature (41μΩcm).

It is synthesized by high-temperature reactions between metal vanadium and elemental boron in vacuum or inert atmosphere.

It is used as fine ceramic raw material powder to manufacture wear-resistant films and semiconductor films.

Metal borides can be used to produce batteries or fuel cells, which are alternatives to using petroleum as an energy source.

With the development of multi-electron oxidation of metal borides, such as vanadium boride, electrochemical energy storage will replace existing batteries.

Due to its multi-electron charge storage capability, the multi-electron oxidation of a vanadium boride anode coupled with a carbon-air cathode can provide excellent electrochemical energy storage capability.

Application of Vanadium diboride VB2 powder

It can be used in conductive ceramic materials, atomic crystals, and other types of materials.VB2 also has the characteristics of hard refractory ceramics and excellent electrical conductivity.

Therefore, VB2 can be used as a fine ceramic material for the manufacture of wear resistance and semiconductor thin films. Used as fine ceramic raw material powder for the production of wear-resistant and semiconductor films. Suitable for use as conductive ceramic materials.

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