December 23, 2014

Ferro Alloy Powders for Industrial Usage

Varieties of Ferro Alloy Powders

Ferro alloy powders are produced in different forms with combinations of different elements. The combinations are made in accordance with their properties which may be used in several industrial processes. Ever combination shows significant property that helps industries to choose the right combination.

Ferro Boron Powder for Strong steel and Magnet Production

Ferro Boron Powder is formed from combining iron and boron. It helps in bringing out strong form of steel and in the production of magnets. The powder form is compatible to be easily added in the manufacturing of alloy. Adding this ingredient works very well for increasing the quenching capacity of alloy.

Ferro Chromium for Adding Precise Chrome Percentage

Ferro chromium is an important ingredient in stainless steel manufacturing. It is formed from the combination of iron and chromium with chromium added in relatively higher ration than iron. It is used for special applications like setting the chrome percentage in stainless steel production. In addition to that ferro chrome remains a cost effective alternative to metallic form of chrome.

Ferro Manganese –Heat Resistant Component

Ferro manganese is available in different forms with variations brought in carbon level. The carbon level of ferro manganese is the key factor that helps to choose its variety in relation to industrial application. Ferro Manganese with high carbon contains excellent heat resistant properties and it is used for producing high quality stainless steel. Ferro manganese with medium carbon content is preferred in cast iron and chemical industry.

Ferro Alloy Powders for Industrial Usage

Ferro Titanium-The Ideal Stabilizer for Stainless Steel

Ferrous elements also contain stabilizing capacity and ferro titanium is the one that is applied in stainless steel manufacturing as a stabilizing agent. This ingredient also restricts chromium carbide formation during the production of steels with low carbon

Ferro Tungsten-Made from Rich Ore

Ferro Tungsten is a leading component in the production of tungsten steel and in the production of cemented carbide. The powder is coarse in texture yet has excellent flow characteristics. It is also applied in plasma spraying, fabricating alloys, metallurgy, high speed steel production, steel tools, etc.

Ferro Zirconium-Refiner of Grains

Ferrous metal industry requires several chemicals to obtain exclusive properties for its products and ferro zirconium supports grain refining process in metal industry. It also modifies sulfide shape and contains good deoxidizing property. Adding this component in steel production leads to get strong and impact resistance alloy.

FeSi Powder for Economic Operation Cost

As the name suggests this component is a combination of silicon and ferrous metal. It forms heavy medium. Compared to different types of ferrous combinations, FeSi powder is abrasion and corrosion resistant. It contains higher amount of specific gravity. However, the properties of this element can be increased or decreased by varying the percentage of silicon while forming FeSi.

Proportionate Ferro Alloy Powders at One Place

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Ferro alloy combinations are made with different chemical compositions and each combination bears significant property. Steel industry benefits extensively with the help of adding different forms of ferro alloy components.

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