February 17, 2022

Metal Alloy Powder

Metal alloy powder is a combination of metal or metal and one or more other elements. In practical applications, the alloy composition is usually measured by mass percentage,while in basic scientific research,the alloy composition is usually measured by atomic fraction.According to the formation The arrangement of the atoms of the alloy,They are usually classified as alternative alloys or interstitial alloys.

Zirconium Nickel
Zirconium Nickel

Application of Metal Alloy Powder

They are used because they usually have enhanced chemical or mechanical properties.Alloying elements can be added to metals to increase certain properties,such as strength,hardness,corrosion resistance,machinability,etc.Using new powder metallurgy raw materials,The production process can be simplified and the manufacturing cost can be reduced.When using this powder to manufacture mechanical structural parts,due to the higher material density,strength and dimensional tolerance accuracy can be achieved,the finishing or repressing process can be omitted,and the production of parts Cost reduction by 30%.

Supplier of Metal Alloy Powder

With over 15 years of experience manufacturing advanced materials, Shanghai Greenearth Chemcials Co., Ltd is a global supplier of Metal Alloy Powder, which has a wide range of experience in supplying high-purity and ultra-fine metal alloy powders, such as Zirconium Nickel Alloy, Titanium Zirconium Alloy, Titanium Aluminum Alloy, Aluminum Silicon Alloy and so on. please send us an email or click the desired product to inquire about the price.

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FedEx , UPS,TNT, DHL, Air and Sea services can be provided according to customer requirements.

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