June 14, 2022

New Energy Battery Materials

Titanium Boride is a new type of cathode material for new energy battery, Titanium boride is a low-oxygen and low-impurity metal compound that is commonly used in the manufacturing of new energy battery. With its low oxygen content and low metal impurities, it has good electrochemical performance, high specific capacity, good cyclability and stable discharge platform.

Titanium Boride for New Energy Battery

Titanium boride is considered to be a highly pure material that can help reduce the risk of unwanted chemical reactions within the battery. In addition, the low magnetic foreign body content of titanium boride makes it an ideal material for use in battery, as it minimizes the risk of magnets interacting with the battery’s internal components. As a result, titanium boride is a key material used in the manufacturing of new energy battery, and its low oxygen and impurity content make it an ideal choice for use in this application.

TiB2 for New Energy Batteries

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