Cerium Chloride Anhydrous

Cerium Chloride Anhydrous

Breif introduction of Anhydrous CeCl3 Powder

Cerium Chloride Anhydrous (CeCl3), also known as cerous chloride or cerium trichloride, is a compound of cerium and chloride.

It is a white hygroscopic solid; it rapidly absorbs water on exposure to moist air to form a hydrate , which appears to be of variable composition, though the heptahydrate CeCl3·7H2O is known.

It is highly soluble in water , and (when anhydrous) it is soluble in ethanol and acetone.

Specifications of Cerium Chloride Powder CeCl3

Product nameCerium Chloride AnhydrousTEST ITEMSTEST RESULTS(%)
Chemical formulaCeCl3NH4Cl<0.50

Application of CeCl3 Powder

1.It is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry, for instance, to produce the intermediates of Montelukast .

2.It can be used as the reagent to promote the nucleophilic addition of Grignard reagents (1) to ketones (2) for the synthesis of tertiary alcohols

3.Used as a catalyst in Grignard reactions

4.Used to produce Cerium Octoate

5.It is used for producing Cerium metal

6.Coating inorganic pigments (ultramarine and bronze powder) with dense amorphous silica required Anhydrous CeCl3

7.Ink jet recording medium and ink jet recording method requires CeCl3 Anhydrous

8.Method of producing thermoelectric materials uses Anhydrous CeCl3

9.Cerium trichloride itself as a Lewis acid, for example as a catalyst in Friedel-Crafts alkylation reactions.

10.Application of CeCl3 anhydrous fo the preparation of Organocerium (III) reagents

11.Use in water treatment: Phosphorus Control Products

12.Application of CeCl3 Anhydrous to improve the acid resistance of dentine

13.Activated coke impregnated with cerium(iii) chloride anhydrous used for elemental mercury removal from simulated flue gas