Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder

Cerium Oxide polishing powder

Discription of CeO2 Cerium oxide polishing powder

Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder, also called cerium polishing powder and rare earth based polishing powders, high suspension in water and quick polishing when used with any felt polishing pad, removes hairline scratches, lime scale and adhesive residue.

It contains excellent polishing characteristics and it is applied in wide range of industries starting from glass products used in automotive sector to optics manufacturing.

This product is silvery white in color and it is considered to be one among the rarest metals in earth. It shows strong acidic feature and exhibits moderate toxicity to humans during application.

It is used for its strong oxidizing property and it is extracted from different minerals like bastnasite, monazite, synchysite, zircon, etc.

Specification of CeO2 Cerium oxide polishing powder

Item NoAppearanceTREO(%)F(%)PHD50(um)D100(um)
GRE_A01LWhite or light grey powder>923-76.0-8.00.8-1.4<6
GRE_A02BWhite or light grey powder>922-66.0-8.01.6-2.0<10
GRE_A03DWhite or light grey powder>922-66.0-8.00.80-1.30<6
GRE_A04EWhite or light grey powder>922-66.0-8.02.30-3.20<11.93
GRE_C3White or light grey powder>92
GRE_C4White or light grey powder>92

Application of CeO2 Cerium oxide polishing powder

1. Widely applied in flat glass, CRT, LCD, TFT glass, mirrors, glasses, optical glass, lens, and many other field of glass industry.

2. Its commercial usages include metallurgy, ceramics, polishing of glass products, catalysts, steel manufacturing, etc.