chromium additives(chromium metal powger)

Chromium Metal Powder

Brief Description of Chromium Powder

Chromium is a steel-gray, lustrous, and hard metal that finds wide use as a catalyst or in alloys.

All chromium compounds have intense and varied colors.

Specification of Chromium Powder

brandchemical composition%
size60 mesh,80 mesh, or on-demandprocessing.
packing25 kg/bag,100 kg/ barrel
UsesSuitable for adjustments in the Cr content of different grades of aluminum, used in place of Al-Cr alloy, reduce the melting temperature or electrode powder.

Application of Chromium Powder

1.Chromium is used as a hardener in steel, for the manufacture of stainless steel and many useful alloys.

2.It is also employed to give glass an emerald green color. Chromium does not oxidize in air, even in extreme moisture.

3. Chromium metal is also a fundamental ingredient in various types of super alloys which are essential to the aerospace and nuclear power industries

4.Chromium plating and permeability can make steel and copper, aluminum and other metal forming corrosion resistant surface, and bright beautiful, used in large furniture, automobile, building industry, etc

5. Heavy chromate salt used for leather tanning, dyeing fabrics of impregnant, mordant and all kinds of pigment.