Chromium nitride powder

Chromium Nitride Powder

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What is Chromium Nitride CrN ?

Chromium nitride Powder is a Chemical compound of Chromium and Nitrogen with the formula CrN.
Chromium nitride alloy powder is very hard, and is extremely resistant to corrosion. CrN is also a valuable component in advanced multicomponent coating systems, such as CrAlN

Chromium Nitride Properties

Molecular Weight: 66.003 g/mol
Appearance: Black powder
Formula: CrN
EC number: 246-016-3
Other names: Chromium(III) nitride
Boiling point:n/a
Melting point:1770 ˚C
Density: 5.9g/cm3
Resistivity: n/a
Emissivity: n/a
Refractive index: n/a
Friction: low

CrN Synthesis

Chromium(III) nitride can be prepared by direct combination of Chromium and Nitrogen at 800 °C.

Chromium Nitride (CrN) PVD Coating services

CrN is hard, tough and has the best lubricity of the coatings .
Hardness: Hard (2X hard chrome). Not quite as hard as TiN.
Broad range of thicknesses
Electrically conductive and non-oxidizing
No toxicity—used for medical surgical devices and food processing equipment
Uniform coating with no buildup on edges
Benefits: Good wear resistance, excellent lubricity, 2 – 10x tool life
Uses: Wear Components, Forming Tools, Medical Components

Specification of CrN

brandchemical composition %
Cr NMargin9-
size100-325 mesh orprocessing required
packing100 kg / drum
Uses Thermal spraying , wear-resistant applications.

Application of Chromium Nitride CrN

1. Used in aviation alloys and special alloys additives.

2. Used on medical implants Used as a PVD coating material for corrosion resistance and in metal forming and plastic moulding applications

3. Thermal spraying, hard alloy, powder metallurgy

4. Used on medical implants

5. Wear-resistant applications on cutting tools

6. Sliding wear applications

7. Holds sharp edges or corners