Cr-B Alloy Powder

Cr-B Alloy/Cr-B Alloy Powder

Introduction of Cr-B alloy/Cr-B alloy powder

Chromium diboride Powder is an ionic compound, with hexagonal crystal structure.

Chromium diboride Powder  at absolute temperature slightly 40K (equivalent to -233 ℃) will be transformed into a superconductor.

And its actual operating temperature is 20 ~ 30K.

To reach this temperature, we can use liquid neon, liquid hydrogen or closed-cycle refrigerator to finish cooling.

Compared to current industry using liquid helium to cool the niobium alloy (4K), these methods are more simple and economical.

Once it is doped with carbon or other impurities, magnesium diboride in a magnetic field, or there is a current passing, the ability to maintain the superconducting is as much as niobium alloys, or even better.

Specification of Cr-B alloy/Cr-B alloy powder

brandchemical composition %
sizeon-demand processing.
packing100 kg / barrel
Usessmelting steel additives.

Application of Cr-B alloy/Cr-B alloy powder

1. Used as smelting steel additives.

2. Used as  Corrosion resistant, thermal shock resistant

3. Used as a high temperature oxidation coating and neutron absorption coating.

4. Used for superconducting magnets, power transmission lines and sensitive magnetic field      detectors.