Ferrotitanium Carbide

Ferrotitanium Carbide

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Brief Description of Ferro titanium carbide powder

Ferrotitanium is a ferroalloy, an alloy of iron and titanium with between 10–20% iron and 45–75% titanium and sometimes a small amount of carbon.

Ferrotitanium can be manufactured by mixing titanium sponge and scrap with iron and melting them together in an induction furnace.

During steelmaking, titanium is usually introduced as ferrotitanium because of its relatively low melting temperature and high density.

Ferrotitanium is usually produced by induction melting of titanium scrap with iron or steel; however, it also is produced directly from titanium mineral concentrates.

Specifications of Ferro titanium carbide powder

chemical composition %
size-60 mesh, -100 mesh, -325 mesh,or on-demand processing.
packing25 kg / bag, one ton / bag.
Usescast iron and may improve performance, but also the welding of titanium calcium type materials.

Application of  of Ferro titanium carbide powder

1. Used for cast iron and may improve performance

2. Used for welding materials, catalyst, spraying and powder metallurgy.