Ferrotungsten Alloy

Ferrotungsten Alloy

Model Number FeW80, FeW70 | Chemical Composition Fe W

Shape granule or powder | Place of Origin China

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Brief Description of Ferro Tungsten FeW

Tungsten is an important alloying element in high-speed and other tool steels, and is used to a lesser extent in some stainless and structural steels.

Tungsten is often added to steel melts as ferrotungsten, which can contain up to 80% tungsten.

Properties of Ferro Tungsten FeW

Ferro Tungsten as an additive to the production process of ferrous metals will impart several desirable properties upon the new alloy.

One of the primary benefits of adding Ferro Tungsten to an alloy is to increase the alloy’s melting point, making it suitable for aerospace applications as well as welding applications.

Additionally, by adding Ferro Tungsten to an alloy, one can take advantage of tungsten’s unique electrical capabilities as a conductor.

For example, tungsten is used in field emission guns like electron microscopes and in IC chips, as well as metallic films that can replace conventional copper wiring.



brandChemical Composition %
size-40 mesh, -60 mesh, or on-demand processing
packing25 kg / bag, 1 ton / bag
Usesused as a steel alloy additives


1. Used in high-speed steel, which may contain as much as 18% pure tungsten.

2. Used in the production of turbine blades and other wear-resistant coatings and parts.

3. Ferro Tungsten is also used in the manufacture of game darts for the popular bar game (the FerroTungsten creates darts yielding smaller diameters, thus tighter groupings during play).



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