Description of FeZr FerroZirconium alloy lumps

Ferrozirconium Alloy is composed of zirconium , iron , silicon, aluminum and other elements.

The FerroZirconium Alloy we often use is silicon FerroZirconium alloy ,aluminium

FerroZirconium alloys and silicon zirconium alloys.

They have several models, low grade of alloy containing 5-8% Zr, 40-45% Si; The middle grade of alloy containing 12-15% Zr, 39-43% Si; High grade of alloy containing 35-40% Zr, 47-52% Si, Margin are Fe and Al.

It has a kind of patent composite alloy, less than 10% Zr and it also contains the elements such as Mn, Al, Si, Ti and other elements .

Because of zirconium is one of the strongest deoxidizer in steelmaking industry and the special role in steel, FerroZirconium use as deoxidizer and additive for special usage of high temperature alloy, high strength steel, ultra-high strength steel and cast iron, which in turn is used in the atomic technology, aerospace, radio, etc.

Specification of FeZr FerroZirconium alloy lumps

brandchemical composition %
size8-20 mesh, -80 mesh, -60 mesh, -100 mesh.
packing1 kg / bags, 30 kg / barrel
Usesspecial alloy additives, strong deoxidizing agent in steel and special flux.

Application of FeZr FerroZirconium alloy lumps

1. Used as special alloy additives

2. Used as strong deoxidizing agent in steel and special flux

The resource distribution of FeZr FerroZirconium alloy lumps

There are dozens of zirconium ores in the world. But only zircon and baddeleyite  availble in industry. The main countries of origin are  United States, Brazil, India, Australia and China.