Gallium Series

Gallium Series

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4N Gallium 99.99%Min

Used for photovoltaic substrates, magnetic materials, high temperature thermometer, low melting point alloy, optical glass, etc


5N Gallium 99.999%Min

Used for heat conduction medium and high temperature vacuum pump, ultraviolet light bulb production, etc


6N High Purity Gallium 99.9999%Min

Used for LED with GaAs, GaP, GaSb, and NB-Fe-B senior magnetic materials , etc


7N High Purity Gallium 99.99999%Min

Used for making insulation GaAs, IC as substrate , etc


8N Ultra Purity Gallium Infinite%

Used for molecular beam of the denotation of the source, and making the GaN blue leds and LD, microwave circuit, quantum devices , etc


Processing and Customized

According to the customer request processing purification and customize various shapes .