Breif intruduction of LaAlO3 Lanthanum aluminate crystal substrate

LaAlO3 perovskite crystal structure of materials on a variety of good lattice matching is epitaxial HTS thin films and giant magnetoresistance excellent substrate material,

Its dielectric properties suitable for low loss microwave dielectric resonator.

We can provide rods, sheets and cutting rough epitaxial substrate polishing to meet the diverse needs of the global market.

Lanthanum aluminate single crystal match the variety of perovskite structure materials.

It is the excellent substrate materials

Typical Physical Properties of LaAlO3 Lanthanum aluminate crystal substrate

Major capability parameter
Crystal structureM6(normal temperature)M3(>435℃)
Unit cell constantM6 a=5.357A c=13.22 AM3 a=3.821 A
Melt point(℃)2080
Thermal expansion9.4×10-6/℃
Dielectric constantsε=21
Secant loss(10ghz)~3×[email protected],~0.6×[email protected]
Color and appearanceTo anneal and conditions differ from brown to brownish
Chemical stabilityRoom temperature is not dissoluble in minerals, the temperature is greater than 150 ℃ in soluble h3po4
CharacteristicsFor microwave electron device
Growth methodCzochralski method
PolishingSingle or double
Crystal Orientation<100> <110> <111>
redirection precision±0.5°
Redirection the edge:2°(special in 1°)
Angle of crystallineSpecial size and orientation are available upon request
Pack100 clean bag,1000 exactly clean bag