Neodymium Oxide

Neodymium Oxide

Brief Description of Neodymium Oxide Powder Nd2O3

Neodymium(III) oxide or neodymium sesquioxide is the chemical compound composed of neodymium and oxygen with the formula Nd2O3.

It forms very light grayish-blue hexagonal  crystals.

The rare-earth  mixture didymium, previously believed to be an element , partially consists of neodymium(III) oxide.

Specifications of Neodymium Oxide Powder Nd2O3

TREO≥99%Nd 2O3/TREO≥99.9%
RE Impurities (%/TREO)NonRE Impurities (%)
La2O3 0.01L.O.I0.69
CeO 2 0.01Fe2O30.0017
Y2O3 0.01SiO20.0044
Al2O3 0.021

Application of Neodymium Oxide Powder Nd2O3

1. Mainly for production of metal Nd, magnetic materials of Nd-Fe-B, Nd doped Y-Al garnet for laser technology and additives for glass&ceramic.

2. Used as a polymerization catalyst.

3. Used for glass and capacitors

Properties of Neodymium Oxide Powder Nd2O3

Insoluble in water, moderately soluble in strong mineral acids

Slightly hygroscopic