Tellurium Dioxide

Tellurium Dioxide

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Brief Description of  Tellurium dioxide powder TeO2

Tellurium dioxide (TeO2) is a solid oxide of tellurium.

It is encountered in two different forms, the yellow orthorhombic mineral tellurite,  β-TeO2, and the synthetic, colourless tetragonal (paratellurite), α-TeO2.

Most of the information regarding reaction chemistry has been obtained in studies involving paratellurite, α-TeO2.

Specification of Tellurium dioxide powder ​ TeO2

TeO2Chemical Composition (ppm)
99.99% The total impurities (Al,Cu,Fe,Mg,Ni,Pb,Se)  are 100pm below
99.999%The total impurities (Al,Cu,Fe,Mg,Ni,Pb,Se)  are 10pm below

Application of  Tellurium dioxide powder ​ TeO2

1. Tellurium Dioxide is used in front-side pastes, acousto-optical devices, infrared sensor, tellurite glass,avionics fiber optic system architectures, electroplating industry, and as anti-corrosive agent material in electronic elements.

2. Sometimes used to color ceramics, tellurium dioxide has increasingly been used in optical refraction with the end use of glass fibers (fiber optics).

3. Tellurite glasses have also been shown to exhibit Raman gain up to 30 times that of silica, useful in optical fibre amplification.

4. Tellurium Dioxide is also used in Ag paste additive, chemical nickel-plating, acousto-optic device etc

Properties of  Tellurium dioxide powder  TeO2

TeO2 is barely soluble in water  and soluble in strong acids and Alkai metal hydroxides.

It is an amphoteric substance and therefore can act both as an acid or as a base depending on the solution it is in.

It reacts with acids to make tellurium salts and bases to make tellurites.

It can be oxidized to telluric acid or tellurates.