Ti-Al Alloy/Ti-Al Alloy Powder

Description  of  Titanium Aluminum Alloy

Titanium aluminide, TiAl,  is an intermetallic chemical compound.

It is lightweight and resistant to oxidation and heat, however it suffers from low ductility.

The development of TiAl based alloys began about 1970; however the alloys have only been used in these applications since about 2000.

Titanium aluminide has three major intermetallic compounds: gamma TiAl, alpha 2-Ti3Al and TiAl3.

Among the three, gamma TiAl has received the most interest and applications.

Gamma TiAl has excellent mechanical properties and oxidation and corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures (over 600 degrees Celsius).

Specification of  Titanium Aluminum Alloy

brandchemical composition %
size60 mesh, 80 mesh, 200 mesh. Or on-demand processing
packing1 kg / vacuum aluminum foil bags, 100 kg / barrel.
Usesmainly used in the manufacture aviation equipment, daily necessities, building doors and windows

Application of Titanium Aluminum Alloy

1. It finds use in several applications including automobiles and aircraft

2. TiAl based alloys have a strong potential to increase the thrust-to-weight ratio in the aircraft engine.