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Brief Description of Titanium carbonitride Powder

A high performance coating a step above plain titanium nitride with improved properties for milling, forming, and punching tools.

These tools encounter excessive mechanical stress at their cutting and forming edges. This material is wear resistant and tough providing an excellent finish on “gummy” materials.

Titanium carbonitride has the appearance of a charcoal grey powder.

Titanium carbonitride  has a high melting point, high hardness, excellent anti-oxidation ability, ductility, lubricity and wear-resistance.

Compared with titanium carbide, titanium carbonitride has lower friction coefficient and higher hardness, which improves the quality and lifetime of titanium carbonitride coated tools.

Titanium carbonitride has the synthesized performance of TiC powder and the TiN powder.

Synonyms of Titanium carbonitride Powder

Titanium carbonitride powder, TiCN, TiC0,5N0,5, titanium carbo-nitride powder, cermet, phase, sintering, titanium carbonitride 30:70, Titanium carbonitride 50:50,

Specifications of Titanium carbonitride Powder

brandchemical composition %
total carbonFree carbonNOFeFSSS(μm)
size-250 mesh, -325 mesh, -400 mesh.
packing1 kg / vacuum bags, 100 kg / barrel.
Usesused for cutting tools and wear-resistant mechanical parts.

Application of Titanium carbonitride Powder

1.Used for cutting tool , process steel and wear-resistant mechanical parts.

2.Used for welding materials, cermets, metallurgy

3.High hardness, good wear resistance, very tough coating

4.For difficult-to-machine steel alloys when taps encounter excessively stressed cutting edges, and highly abrasive and/or gummy materials such as cast iron, brass, and aluminum alloys;

5.Use when high feed and speed rates are desired.

6.Good diffusion barrier