ZrN Powder

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Breif introduction of Zirconium Nitride ZrN powder

Metal nitride powders are a product group with good corrosion-resistance, high thermal and electrical conductivity. The nitride powders are used for electrical conducting and hard materials.

Light Brown solid powder, granular for irregular smooth…

High chemical stability

High corrosion resistance

Good surface smoothness and ductility

Specification of Zirconium Nitride ZrN powder

brandchemical composition %
NC(≤)SI(≤)Fe (≤)
size400-500 mesh
packing-1 kg / vacuum bag, 30 kg / drum
Usesmetal-ceramic, high temperature alloy additives.

Application of Zirconium Nitride ZrN powder

1. Used as metal-ceramic, high temperature alloy additives.

2. Zirconium nitride is a hard ceramic material similar to titanium nitride and is a cement-like refractory  material. Thus it is used in refractories ,cermets  and laboratory crucibles .

3. When applied using the physical vapor deposition coating process it is commonly used for coating medical devices, industrial parts , automotive and aerospace components and other parts subject to high wear and corrosive environments.

4. Also zirconium nitride was suggested as a hydrogen peroxide  fuel tank liner for rockets and aircraft.

5. Used in hardware, building materials, bathroom and other daily-use hardware part

Characteristics of Zirconium Nitride ZrN powder

ZrN grown by  physical vapor deposition (PVD)  is a light gold color similar to elemental gold. ZrN has a room-temperature electrical resistivity of 12.0 µΩ·cm, a temperature coefficient  of resistivity of 5.6·10−8 Ω·cm/K, a superconducting  transition temperature of 10.4 K, and a relaxed lattice parameter of 0.4575 nm. The hardness  of single-crystal ZrN is 22.7±1.7 GPa and elastic modulus  is 450 GPa.