September 28, 2015

Scandium (Sc) Metal

We call Scandium (Sc) Metal scandium, Sc, scandium metal powder, scandium lump, scandium pieces, scandium ingot, scandium foil, the available purity is 99.9%.


A much more abundant element on the sun than on earth, scandium is still widely distributed on earth, occurring in over 800 mineral species. Scandium is a silvery-white metal that develops a yellow or pink tint when exposed to air. It is relatively soft and is chemically similar to the rare earth metals. Scandium’s light weight and high melting point suggest applications within the aircraft industry.

Main application.

  1. a) Since it is not a very common metal, scandium does not have many applications. If it were more common, it might be useful in the making of aircraft and spacecraft structures, probably alloyed with other metals.
  2. b) It is used in lacrosse sticks; a light yet strong metal is needed for precise accuracy and speed. Backcountry tent manufacturers sometimes use scandium alloys in tent poles. U.S. gunmaker Smith & Wesson produces a few variations including a large, medium, and small lightweight revolver with a frame composed of scandium alloy and a titanium cylinder.
  3. c) Approximately 20 kg (as Sc2O3) of scandium is used annually in the United States to make high-intensity lights. Scandium iodide added to mercury-vapor lamps produces an efficient artificial light source that resembles sunlight, and which allows good color-reproduction with TV cameras. About 80 kg of scandium is used in light bulbs globally per year. The radioactive isotope Sc-46 is used in oil refineries as a tracing agent.
  4. d) The main application of scandium by weight is in aluminium-scandium alloys for minor aerospace industry components, and for unusual designs sports equipment (bikes, baseball bats, firearms, etc.) which rely on high performance materials. However, titanium, being much more common, and similar in lightness and strength, is much more widely used, with tons found in some aircraft, especially military ones.
  5. e) The original use of scandium-aluminium alloys was in the nose cones of some USSR submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs). The strength of the resulting nose cone was enough to enable it to pierce the ice-cap without damage, and so, enabling a missile launch while still submerged under the Arctic ice cap.

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