August 16, 2021

Some types of hydrides and applications

A hydride is a chemical compound in which hydrogen is mixed with another element. Chemists will tell you that a hydride is formed when hydrogen is covalently bonded with elements. For instance, water is formed when hydrogen covalently bonds with oxygen which makes it a hydroxide. The same is to ammonia where we can say that it’s a hydride of nitrogen. There are other types of hydrides that are used for industrial application and some of them include titanium hydride/TiH2 and Zirconium hydride/ZrH2. Titanium hydride MSDS and Zirconium hydride MSDS are available on our website.

Industrial applications of Titanium Hydride

Titanium Hydride PowderTiH2 is industrially used as a foaming agent in the production of pure commercial aluminum. When Titanium hydride is added to aluminum in its molten state at temperatures arranging from 620-660 degrees, this foaming agent leads to the production of foamed aluminum with a good cell structure uniformity and a high percentage of porosity.

Apart from metal foaming, Titanium hydride is used in other industrial applications such as the production of pyrotechnics, the sintering of powdered metals, and also as an additive during the making of Alnico sintered magnets and sintered metals that are in powder form.

Titanium Hydride
Titanium Hydride

Industrial applications of Zirconium Hydride

Zirconium Hydride Powder has a variety of industrial is uses due to its many capabilities in facilitating many industrial applications. This compound is mainly used as a foaming and a reducing agent. A reducing agent is a compound that has the capabilities of removing traces of water in solvents while a foaming agent reduces the work required to be done in the making of a foam.

Zirconium hydride is also used as an additive in the hardening of allows. In thermal spectrum nuclear reactors, this hydride of Zirconium is used as a neutron moderator. Other uses of this hydride include; powder metallurgy and a hydrogen catalyst.

Industrial applications of other Hydrides

Other hydrides have a variety of industrial uses depending on their types. Hydrides such as sodium and potassium hydrides which are metal hydrides have different uses from other hydrides such as water and ammonia. Metal hydrides such as sodium and potassium hydrides are mostly used as strong bases where they play a crucial role in organic synthesis. In such cases, the metal hydride for example reacts with acids such as Bronsted acid to release Hydrogen.

Other hydrides such as calcium hydrides are used for their drying capabilities whereby, they are required where removal of water traces from organic solvents is necessary. Their ability to remove traces of water from organic solvents makes them drying agents and which is their main industrial use.

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