September 9, 2021

Usage of hafnium element

Electronic materials

Hafnium element can be used as a cathode in X-ray tubes because of its easy emission of electrons. In addition, hafnium tungsten or molybdenum alloys are used as electrodes in high pressure discharge lamps.

According to a 2012 report, a research team led by Andrew Flovitt of the University of Cambridge’s School of Engineering developed a new type of hafnium oxide with a higher dielectric constant for next-generation production.(Micro electronics, photovoltaic production equipment, more efficient solar cells, etc.)

The nuclear industry

Hafnium used in hafnium reactor metal has excellent welding performance, processing efficiency, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, making it an important material in the nuclear energy industry.

Hafnium has a large thermal neutron capture cross section, making it an ideal neutron absorber for use as control rods and nuclear reactor safety devices.

The chemical industry

Hafnium is used as an absorbent in many aeration systems. Hafnium inhalers can remove unnecessary gases such as oxygen and nitrogen from the system.

In addition, hafnium is highly resistant to volatility and is often used as an additive in hydraulic fluids to prevent escape in high-risk operations.

Alloy material

Hafnium element used in spacecraft, hafnium has ductility, oxidation resistance and high temperature resistance, is also a good alloy material, in many alloys are used.

For example, hafnium niobium alloy containing 10% hafnium can be used as rocket nozzles, and tantalum tungsten alloy containing 2% hafnium can be used as protective coating material for spacecraft due to its high creep strength.

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