August 23, 2021

Uses of chromium nitride powder and chromium

Chromium nitride has the formula (CrN) and is a compound of chromium and nitrogen. This compound is hard and it’s corrosion-resistant. There are several uses of chromium nitride and it’s normally in powder form. Chromium nitride powder is very useful especially in industrial use and here are the various ways that this compound is of use.

Description of chromium and chromium nitride

Chromium is an inorganic compound that belongs to the class of transition metal nitrates. Chromium has an atomic number of 24 and is normally found in soil, animals, plants, and naturally occurring rocks. However, for industrial use, this compound is mined in as chromite ore. Chromium and most of its compounds have various uses, and specifically chromium nitride is reputed for its corrosion resistance capabilities.

Chromium nitride is used as a coating to other metals due to its ability to resist corrosion. This compound is used industrially to coat metals and also for metal and plastic molding. Besides chromium nitride is also used in the medical industry whereby it is used to coat them to keep them from getting corroded

Chromium and its resistance to corrosion

Corrosion is highly accounted for by the reaction of iron, water, and oxygen to form an oxide of iron. The formation of this brown oxide is what causes corrosion. To help in the resistance of corrosion in steel, chromium is added so that it forms an oxide layer that does not allow water and oxygen to reach the iron atoms in steel. The resistance to corrosion is made possible this way while the oxide remains thin so steel can shine through it while it’s sufficient enough to prevent corrosion.

Chromium nitride powder

Chromium and PVD coating

Physical vapor deposition (PVD) is a description of methods that can be used to make thin films that are used as a coating. This PVD coating is responsible for corrosion resistance as well as a good finish of the material. PVD coating involves the process by which the coating material goes through a condensed phase then to a vapor phase then to a phase that is characterized by a thin film.

PVD coating on stainless steel is executed whereby a metal vapor of chromium is electrically deposited on a material such as steel. This helps in wear and tear resistance, improves hardness, and makes the material coated by PVD oxidation resistance. Al this is thanks to chromium and its splendid chemical properties.

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