Germanium Oxide

Germanium Oxide

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Brief Description of  GeO2 Germanium Oxide Powder

Germanium dioxide, also called germanium oxide and germania, is an inorganic compound  with the chemical formula GeO2.

It is the main commercial source of germanium.

It also forms as a passivation layer on pure germanium in contact with atmospheric oxygen.

Specification of GeO2 Germanium Oxide Powder

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Application of  GeO2 Germanium Oxide Powder

1. Germanium oxide is raw material of high-purity germanium metal.

2. High purity germanium dioxide is used in Germanium compounds,chemical catalyst and medical industries.

3. The refractive index of germanium dioxide and optical dispersion properties makes it useful as an optical material for wide-angle lenses and in optical microscope objective lenses

4. Germanium dioxide is also used as a catalyst in production of polyethylene terephthalate resin, and for production of other germanium compounds.

5. It is used as a feedstock for production of some phosphors and semiconductor materials.

Properties of GeO2 Germanium Oxide Powder
1. Germanium dioxide is a white powdery substance,
2. It has three forms it can have four edges, hexagonal or a polygon.
3. Its melting point is 1115°C, at 1250°C the germanium dioxide is volatile and is easily dissolved with hydrochloric acid.
Storage of GeO2 Germanium Oxide Powder
High purity germanium dioxide should be transported and stored in a dry and non-corrosive environment.