November 29, 2021

What is Nickel DiBoride ?

Nickel Diboride is a common name for materials mostly containing nickel and boron, which is widely used as a catalyst in organic chemistry. Herbert C. Brown and Charles Allan Brown in 1963 described and evaluated in detail two forms of nickel called P-1 nickel and P-2 nickel. Catalysts are typically obtained as particles (P-1) or as colloidal suspensions (P-2).

These compounds are air-stable, nonmagnetic, and nonpyrophoric, but they will slowly react with water to form nickel hydroxide Ni(OH).

Application of Nickel DiBoride Ni2B Powder

You can use it for specific hydrogenation reactions, desulfurization reactions, dehalogenation reactions, hydrolysis reactions, and reduction reactions of functional groups, like the nitro group. Thioamides, sulfides, and sulfides can all be desulfurized under the catalysis of nickel boride to get corresponding hydrocarbons . Nickel boride can reduce aliphatic nitro compounds to amines in the presence of primary, secondary, and tertiary nitro compounds.

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