Tantalum carbide

Tantalum carbide

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Brief Description of TaC Tantalum carbide powder

Tantalum carbides form a family of binary chemical compounds of  tantalum  and carbon  with the empirical formula TaCx, where xusually varies between 0.4 and 1.

They are extremely hard, brittle, refractory ceramic materials with metallic electrical conductivity

They appear as brown-gray powders, which are usually processed by sintering .

Being important cermet  materials, tantalum carbides are commercially used in tool bitsfor cutting applications and are sometimes added to tungsten carbide alloys.

Properties of TaC Tantalum carbide powder

Tantalum carbides have metallic electrical conductivity, both in terms of its magnitude and temperature dependence.

TaC is a superconductor  with a relatively high transition temperature of TC = 10.35 K.

Specifications of TaC Tantalum carbide powder

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Application of TaC Tantalum carbide powder

1. Widely used in the production of microwave absorbing materials, metal powder injection

molding material technology field

2. Used as all kinds of super hard material and powder metallurgy products additives etc.

3. Used as cutting tool

4. Used for delicate Ceramics

5. Hard wear – resistant alloy tool, tools, moulds and wear – resistant corrosion – resistant structural components additive, improve the toughness of the alloy

6. Tantalum carbide sintered shown in gold, watches can be made decorations