Chromium Silicide

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Product Introduction of Chromium Silicide Powder CrSi2

Chromium Silicide is obtained through silicidation process.This material is insoluble in water and stays odorless.It is preferred for thermoplastic property as it is mechanically alloyed substance.

It helps in increasing emission current and also in reducing onset voltage discharge resistance.

It shows high electrical conductivity on material in which it is used.

It shows isothermal and low temperature qualities and has excellent oxidation properties.

We provide this product in powder form and it is available either in silver or black color granule.

Specification of Chromium Silicide Powder CrSi2

brandchemical composition %
Particle size-40Mesh~-200Mesh or on-demand processing

Application of Chromium Silicide Powder CrSi2

1. Used for fine ceramics raw material powder

2. Used in the production of semiconductor thin film with crucible

3. Used as membrane, coating glass, target materials, sputtering target material

4. Widely applied for its potential properties in aerospace industry.

5. It is also applied in plastic mould industry in combination with nickel.