Silicon carbide

Silicon Carbide

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Green silicon carbide is produced in the same way as Black silicon Carbide except for some differences in raw material. Its crystallization has higher purity and hardness. Green silicon Carbide is suitable for processing hard alloy, metallic and non-metallic materials with hard and brittle feature such as copper, brass, aluminum, magnesium, jewel, optical glass, ceramics, etc.

Silicon Carbide Properties favoring Industrial Applications

• One of the best properties of silicon carbide is that it is resistant to alkali and acids.
• It retains strength when applied at high temperature.
• It shows good electrical conductivity and shock resistance capacity and for this reason it is preferred for applying in electric furnace to heat elements.
• It is compatible to apply under extreme conditions of applications.
• Apart from that, this chemical component also shows considerable thermal expansion and conductivity.
• It is an ideal component for applications requiring good flexural strength.
• We provide this product after evaluating the properties, ingredients and applicability to cover wide range of industrial usages.

Advantages of Silicon Carbide

a. Large melting furnace, longer melting time, lead to more crystallization, bigger crystalls, higher purity and less impurities.
b. Beckman coulter particle size distribution instrument.
c. Laboratory is registrated at the government Import and Export Inspection Bureau.

Chemical Analysis

GritSiC (%)F.C (%)Fe2O3(%)